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CHAT: ¡Viva el Kou! (was: Re: CHAT: Dutch dictionary

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 19:31
Douglas Koller, Latin & French scripsit:

> Yes, I did live in Japan for two years, but couldn't get character > variants to stick there, try as I would (save a Chinese-speaking club > I stumbled on to at the end of my first year; talk about your opening > doors into places you wouldn't ordinarily get to go). Alas, I would > forever be "Dagurasu Kooraa" in katakana. Lovely. :(
Are Chinese people in Japan officially known by their Chinese names? (I.e. did you get the katakana because you are a round-eye?) What if the name character is a character not normally used in Japanese?
> To perhaps better answer Jan's question: my e-mail address is simply > latinfrench@...etc. Why all that extra stuff gets into the mix, I > don't know. I'm not a tech guy, and *I* certainly didn't put it in > there. Maybe the MIS person here threw in some weird default thingy, > so that you always get the full shmegegge. Blame her.
It's normal for people to have a "real name" that the system tracks along with your email address. Depending on the system, the "real name" may contain other cruft, up to and including (at U.C. Berkeley) one's building and office number. -- John Cowan At times of peril or dubitation, Perform swift circular ambulation, With loud and high-pitched ululation.


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