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CHAT: ¡Viva el Kou! (was: Re: CHAT: Dutch dictionary recommendations?)

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 19:10
Sally writes:

>Hi, Kou.
Hej! (I'm on a Scandinavian jag these days)
>So what does OTT mean? ("Oh Too Twee"?) <G>
As John pointed out, it's "over the top", but I *really* like "oh too twee". May have to incorporate that into my repertoire of verbal ticks.
>Do you derive "Kou" >from the "ou" of Douglas and the "K" of Koller? Or is it a name that you >picked up in Japan? (You were in Japan, weren't you?)
Actually, "Kou" (first tone) comes from the "Ko" of "Koller" (read /ko:/). It's an arcane surname character which I adore 'cause the natives have trouble reading it. The full name is Kou1 Dao4guang1. "Dao" is the "dao" of Taoism and covers the "Dou" of "Douglas"; "guang" means "ray of light", and at least covers the "g" of "Douglas" (plus it's a character I like aesthetically). Add to that that Daoguang was a Qing Dynasty emperor and, well, that kind of cinched the deal. *And* I actually managed to make it stick both on the mainland and Taiwan (on, like, legal stuff), as opposed to the wildly unwieldy "Dao4ge2la1si1 Ke1le4" (blech!). Friends from "Douglas: The China Years" still refer to me as "Lao3 Kou1" (The Old Koumeister) or just "The Kou", hence the moniker. Yes, I did live in Japan for two years, but couldn't get character variants to stick there, try as I would (save a Chinese-speaking club I stumbled on to at the end of my first year; talk about your opening doors into places you wouldn't ordinarily get to go). Alas, I would forever be "Dagurasu Kooraa" in katakana. Lovely. :( To perhaps better answer Jan's question: my e-mail address is simply latinfrench@...etc. Why all that extra stuff gets into the mix, I don't know. I'm not a tech guy, and *I* certainly didn't put it in there. Maybe the MIS person here threw in some weird default thingy, so that you always get the full shmegegge. Blame her. Kou


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