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Re: Non-Russian Cyrillics (was: I'm back)

Date:Thursday, August 31, 2006, 0:27
li [Isaac Penzev] mi tulis

> ... > | distinguish /ji/ from /i/ and /jM/ from /M/, and I thought > | to use І /i/ И /ji/ Ъ /M/ Ь /jM/ (while Ы would seem out of > | place for /M/ where І was /i/) but I was told those > | assignments would seem weird to a Russophone. > > Indeed they are. Cyrillic alphabet has its own story and tradition of > adaptation to non-Russian langs, but in general it is less flexible to > non-standard appication of graphemes than Latin, IMHO. >...
> | Well well > | there are always the possibility of using Ӥ Ӹ for the > | preceding /j/. > > Surely there are, though in practice those characters mean: > Ӥ - non-palatalizing /i/ in Udmurt; > Ӹ - palatalizing /M/ in Mari [info needs verification].
How about <Ӥ> /i/ as distinct from <И> /ji/ ? And maybe <Ӱ> for /ɯ/? Or maybe use the soft sign <Ь> for /j/? Then there's the use of <Ј> for /j/ as in Serbian. If you don't mind venturing a bit from existing encodings, maybe you could come up with some new characters that are based on existing Cyrillic letters.


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