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Text in Silindion PART I

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Monday, September 13, 2004, 23:13
This is the first portion of a Communion Liturgy in
Silindion. I'll post it in two parts, since in this
part I want to also introduce a bit about the
Silindic/Nestic religion. This will be found below.
To read the next part, see my next email.

I   Henna     Alarieli    Eroliomma.
"The communion of Alarie and Erelion"
I   Henna     Alarie-li   Erolion-mma.
the communion Alarie-GEN. Erelion-COMM.

SANTA-NOYONDO: (speaking)

Myenta monienta       i    vurmán
"Hear now the story"
Myenta moni-e-nta     i    vurma-n
now    hear-OPT.-2pl  the  story-GEN.

Alarieli    të  yossarán            emë turnivi.
"Of Alarie who rules over night."
Alarie-li   të  yo-tar-a-n          emë turni-vi.
Alarie-GEN. who REL-rule-PRS.-3s  on  night-LOC.

1.1 Lëoviss' auiyo                  Ilë i  éissëan
   "When God created the world"
    Lëovissa a-kuiya-u              Ilë i  éissë-an
    when     AUG.-create-SUBJ.PST   God the world-ACC.

limmo tilitti     linímëa,   maisseiri  líndëa,
"by a vision of sound and a dream of music"
limmo tilit-ti    linima-ya  maissë-ri  lindë-ya
by    vision-GEN. sound-ADJ. dream-GEN. music-ADJ.

anorë linya o nirnilievi
"An idea was in God's Thought
a-nor-ë              linya o nirnilie-vi
AUG.-be.located-PST. idea  in God's.Thought-LOC

sinë ssa nenn’ ëu kerna semimari
"Such that the portion of (his) mind should be given"
sinë ssa ne-nnu       ë-u          kerna   semima-ri
such that given-OUGHT be-SUBJ.PST. portion mind-GEN.

ta yov’ antándië"
"which was dedicated"
ta    yova antánd-ë-ië
which REL. dedicate-PASS.-PST.3s

no lirityanna nalatma, Alarienna.
"to thoughts of Light, to Alarie."
no lirit-ya-nna     nalan-tma, Alarie-nna.
to thought-PL.-ALL. light-TOP. Alarie-ALL.

1.2 Si  sillárië Silma kuiyarë.
 "Thus Silma-Alarie was emmanated, having been
  Si   sillá-rë-ië           Silma kuiya-rë
  thus emmanate-PASS-PST.3s  Silma create-PASS

This is the first portion of a Communion Liturgy in
Silindion. A word is necessary first about the
Silindic religion (or just the Nestic religion in

The Silindic religion is a complex set of ideas
centered upon two main concepts, which are termed by
Silindic philosophers: ilieina "god-essence" and
ildiva "divinity".

Ilieina is the single transcedent God, the BEING of
God which exists wholly in the spiritual world. Ildiva
is the WILL of God which originates in God's mind and
gives rise to the world. It is his imminent divinity
which emanates in the world through his creations.

To the Silindi, whatever is in the world, is a product
of God's thought. The highest of his thoughts are the
Angels, the second highest are the Neste. As the
highest (or PRIMARY BEINGS OF DIVINITY), Angels are
those beings which most clearly emmanate the will of
God in their works. And it is due to this fact that
the Silindi worship the Angels. And through them, the
Silindi relate to God, who is unknowable to the them.
Anyways, that probably makes no sense...but that's the

In this Communion Liturgy, two things of note are
going on. The congregation hears the story of Alarie,
the Angel of Light and the Moon. She resurects the
Angel Erelion who has fallen in battle, and through
this resurection, the Silindi find hope for life
renewed in God. The second thing of note is that the
congregation then is given the Revelation of Trinity,
in which God, Erelion and Alarie are all shown to be
one in Divinity - Erelion and Alarie are merely
Emmanations of the Divinity (Ildiva,Will, Thought) of
God, and the Will of God (Ildiva) is just an
Emmanation of, or derivation of the Being (Ilieina,
Essence) of God.

I hope you enjoyed.


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