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Text in Silindion Part II

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 0:14
Here's the continuation of this part of the Silindic

1.3 Eillini rutalo misisë Neilindunórnëan,
    "She planted the now fallen World-Tree"
    a-illin-i      rutalo mis-isë   Neilindunórnë-an
    AUG.-plant-PST since  fall-ANT. World.Tree-ACC.

vë liérië no eni filisë liu
"As it was shown to her having come"
vë lié-rë-ië        no e-ni     fil-isë   liu
as show-PSS-PST.3s  to HER-DAT. come-ANT. perf.prtc.

ka i semimalim Ileiri.
"From the mind of God"
ka   i   semima-lim Ilë-ri
from the mind-ABL.  God-GEN.

1.4 Rúngëa, eilniosseint’ i hyoinya-ma
    "Then she caused its blossoms to be silver"
 Rúngëa, a-ilniossein-ti i   hyoi-nya=ma
 Then   AUG.-silver.make-PST. the

n' eilnorildissa, sinë ssa silintë-vorë
"And made them white,so that they might shine"
në  a-ilnorild-i=ssa, sinë ssa sil-i-ntë=vorë
and AUG.-white.make-PST.=them such that

ono turnín seiniuhyari
"Through the night of the void"
ono     turni-n    seiniuhya-ri
through night-ACC. void-GEN.

talim yov’ ahwil’ i eissë.
"From which the world had come."
ta-lim     yova a-fil-i        i   eissë.
which-ABL. REL. AUG.-come-PST. the world

1.5 Iento hyoi-më i nalni eisseiri
    "Those blossoms were the light of the world"
    Ie-nto     hyoi=më      i   naln-i    eissë-ri
    Be.PST-3pl blossom=that the light-ESS. world-GEN.

tamë    anyenunto i vaurë.
"And then the angels rejoiced"
tamë      a-nyen-u-nto              i   vauro-i
"and.then AUG.-rejoice-SBJ.PST-3pl  the angel-PL.

1.6 Sinë, amaldiass' Ilë,"
"Therefore, God became glad,
Sinë,     a-maldiat-si        Ilë
therefore AUG-glad.become-PST God

mennass’ ëu tiltinya ëandi,
"because his vision was reality"
mennassa  ë-u          tilti-nya  ëand-i,
because   be-SBJ.PST   vision-HIS reality-ESS.

n' ëunto  i lirítyanya
"And his thoughts were"
në  ë-u-nto     i   lirít-ya-nya
and be-SBJ.-PST the thought-PL-HIS

ilmasseindë  mássëu     váurië,
"being made corporeal in Angelic Form"
ilmassein-dë   massë-u    vauro-ye,
body.make-PSS  body-INSTR angel-ADJ.

tarandë emë nisievinya.
"Rulers over his dominion."
tarando-i    emë nisien-vi-nya
ruler-PL.ESS on  dominion-LOC.-HIS

There is more to this liturgy, but that's all for
right now. I hope you enjoyed.

Elliott LAsh

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