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World Map and Arabic English

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Monday, January 3, 2005, 17:24

First of all, there's this:
which i stumbled on.

And now there's also my finished(?) scheme for writing [my dialect of]
English in the Arabic alphabet!

It's at:

As i mentioned in a different thread, it uses simple/emphatic consonant
equivalencies in order to double the number of potential vowels
representable by each Arabic vowel grapheme.

All consonants without a following vowel (except for diphthong
offglides) are marked with the 'no vowel' mark.  (forgot what it's
called... sukuun?)

Consonants are considered by default 'front'; those that lack an
emphatic (='back') equivalent are compensated for by the inclusion of
an /3/ `ayn.  The `ayn isn't pronounced as in Arabic, but it serves to
mark the syllable-peak vowel as 'back'.

The system is sort of an anti-Irish system.  The consonants mark the
vowel for frontness and backness.

Word-final /@/ schwas are written with alif-in-the-form-of-yaa.
In the sample text, I used this for monosyllabic words that are
frequently pronounced that way even if they're phonemically different,
such as /tu/~[t@] "to" and /ju/~[j@] "you".
The indefinite article "a" is written with a standalone

I worked on this during a boring class today ;) .

-Stephen (Steg)
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