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From:Josh <jkartes@...>
Date:Friday, July 21, 2000, 3:45
Hi there.  Josh here.

   I have been trying out Shoebox a little bit.  It's a pretty handy
program.  I was just wondering if anyone else who has an inflecting
conlang has experimented with Shoebox.  Maybe you've had a little more
success than I have when it comes to having the program recognize
conjugations, case endings, and the like.  Or maybe there really is no way
to do this using Shoebox.  I would really like to have a program like
Shoebox to really finally document Kartesian.  It has gone through tons of
modification and it is getting a trifle difficult to remember all the
changes.  If anyone who uses Shoebox could help me out... give me some
suggestions.  Inflections aren't working too wellfor me right now :(

   O zise vjelee!

-- Josh :)