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Re: A bit of the amman iar lexicon is up.

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Monday, February 7, 2000, 23:29
> From: Matt Pearson > > Looks good so far! My only question is: What is the > double quote {"} mark used for? Also, will the complete > lexicon be included with the hardcopy version of the > Amman Iar Reference Grammar, or would that make it > too bulky?
Uhmm. Double quote mark??? I don't use a double quote anywhere in amman iar orthography. If you are seeing them in the lexicon, then I suspect its some miscreant HTML. Could you tell be exactly where you are seeing this? No, the "complete lexicon" will not be in the hardcopy version for several reasons: 1) No lexicon is ever "complete". 2) Only about 50% of the lexical entries identified in my database have been transcribed into the format used for the hard copy version. This is unfortunately a very tedious task that I never got round to automating. 3) Only some unknown percent of the items that have been transcribed have had there definitions fleshed out beyond the one or two word glosses that serve as placeholders in the database. While this is a much more enjoyable than (2), it is nevertheless time-consuming. I'm not sure that I have the time to keep both the hardcopy and the website up-to-date. I'm afraid the hardcopy will probably go stale. David David E. Bell The Gray Wizard en aran urren vorneth; edhain ernordharel an engdarian orui minthille en balan alanion ennonnar ascalennen ordhmarrion, en cam alanion orimronniar na taurriar. carilen alanion les geth, sarcil alanion galen deth itair geceleb and meth na brand veth, eni galen elennion tengelar ordirdhirar alanion, an ithil entagon minthille o an anor encelmon.