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Namyan Babel text

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, March 31, 2000, 18:36
Here it is. It took me only 27 months to get round to posting it.


Genesis 11.1-9

Translated into Namyuan from KJV English by Leo Marshall.
Phonetic transcription by Leo Marshall and A. Rosta.
This document transcribed and prepared by A. Rosta. [File dated 3 Jan 1998]
The errata list has been lost.

  SC = Standard Classical [high register]
  SD = Standard Demotic [low register]

  <1> Leo could not remember the word for "East".
  <2> Although words with sacred referents (e.g. Heaven and Lord) have
      SD pronunciations, it is disrespectful to use them. Therefore a
      respectful SD reading would switch to SC for these words.
  <3> "Lord" is here translated as "Lord", but in general "God" is used
      to refer to the deity.

   ` = grave over preceding character
   ' = acute over preceding character
   ^ = macron over preceding character
   Punctuation follows the English, except for major prosodic boundaries,
   indicated by ||.
   & = ae                            A = card 5
   C = pal fric                      D = dent fric
   E = card 3                        G = vel fric
   I = lax I                         N = vel nas
   o = centralized card 6            O = card 13
   S = esh                           T = dent fric
   U = lax U                         X = uv fric
   @ = schwa

1. Fo  keoin     fboan suewexh di yuan     ass.
   And whole was     of language one

SC: fokjOfboa~swEkUDIjaD&s
SD: fokjOfboaswEkUDIjaD&s

2. Fo  notawexh,       xiintu loinfawexh     da   [EAST]<1> ko'
   And while  they.journeyed from the.east  that

   mitiwexh   ah buhein ut heoin    Pyiyamin; fo  deadawexh  ka   woen
   they.found a  plain  in Shinar    and they.dwelt that place

SC: foDoTawEkUskI~TO~fawEkUDa [EAST] kOmITwEkab:UxEDUCOSIjA~foDIDawEskawoeID

3. Fo  diewexh   saan ||        fiasum || piuwt      suheoin, qiuwt
   And they.said     let's.make bricks   let's.burn

   kos  entu.      Fo  baewexh  suheoin iyuda u^qkoen, fo  heaen baewexh
   them thoroughly And they.had brick   for   stone    and slime had.they

   iyuda inkoen.
   for   mortar

SC: foDuEkUsaXaD fasum
SD: foDuEksahaD fasu~

SD: pOTsUCOGwOTkosE~TfobOksUCOjUDaUkifoCOmbOkjUDaINgi

4. Fo  diewexh || fiasum ukaenyiuwt  ah taqqkaen fo  ah tienyiin ko'
   And they.said  let' a  city     and a  tower    such.that

   anst    di zaq   xatiexh     tu   kyuenwoen; fo  piuwt      mal tainf`, of which might.reach unto heaven     and let's.make us

   puiy namsuwt               pa pa ut piy      keoin     fboan.
   lest about on the.face whole

SC: foDuEkU fasumUkOjOTAT:ak:O~foaT:E@jI@DkOa~s:IzaskaTEkUTUkjE~woeID
SD: foDEkU fasumUkOjOTAT:ak:O~foaT:E@jIkOa~s:IzaskaTEkTUkjE~wi<2>

SC: fopOTmaTa~vpUjDa~sOTpapaUpikjOfboa~
SD: fopOTmaTa~vpjUDa~sOTpapaUpikjOfboa

5. Fo  peykiin<3> indosiwexh saen yihoxh taqqkaen fo  tuenyiin, zaq
   And the.lord   came.down  to   see and the.tower which

   xaoin        di heoinkiin ukaenyiiwexh.
   the.children of men       (had.)built

SC: fopENgI@DI~DosIwEkUsO~COkUTak:O~foTE~jI~@~zaskODICONgI@DUkOjIwEkU

6. Fo  peykiin  diewexh || adi hea || kiins`        ut antin   fo  fka
   And the.Lord said       Lo! at oneness and they.all

   baetts yuan     ass; fo  quitts     ut bian kaen  main: fo  main
   have   language one  and they.begin to do   thing this  and now

   atiaott          kaen  da   kos  pufa         zaq   mienyiiwexh
   it.will.restrain thing from them (not.)at.all which they.might.imagine

   ut bian.
   to do

SC: fopENgI~@~DuEkU aDICa kI~@~sUTa~TI~fofkabaEsjaD&s
SC: fopENgIDEkU aDICa kI~sUTa~TIfofkabOsjaD&s

SC: foGwOsUbaNgOm:afomaDaTOTkO~DakspUfazamE~jiwEkUUbaD
SD: foGwOsUbakOmafomaDaTOTkO~DakspUfazamE~jEkUUbaD

7. Fiasum || indosuwt       fo  namsuwt yuan     di kos  puiy and scatter language of them lest

   xiinmiuxh       dien   saan.
   they.understand speech each.other

SC: fasum I~DosOTfoDa~sOTjaDIkospUjskIm:OkUDE~saXaD
SD: fasu~ I~DosOTfoDa~sOTjaDIkspjUskIm:OkUDE~sahaD

8. Ada || peykiin  namsiwexh kos  pa pa  da   ka toin piy  keoin     fboan:
   So     the.Lord scattered them around from thence  face whole

   fo  koawexh      ukaenyiin taqqkaen.
   and they.stopped build     city

SC: aDa pENgI@D:a~sIwEskospapaDakaTOmbikjOfboaDfokoawEkUUkO~jI~@~Tak:O~
SD: aDa pENgID:a~sEskospapaDakaTOpikjOfboafokoOkUUkOjI~Tak:O~

9. Da main   suetts tainf` Ba'npeinw`; da      ut woen  main namsiwexh
   Therefore is     name   Babel       because in place that he.confounded

   peykiin yuan     di keoin fboan: fo  da   woen main namsiwexh    kos
   Lord    language of Earth whole  and from thence    he.scattered them

   peykiin pa pa  piy  di keoin fboan.
   Lord    around face of Earth whole

SC: DamasEsTa~vbabEUDaUWoeIm:aDA~sIwEkUpENgI@Dja~DIkjOfboaD
SD: DamasEsTa~vbabEUDaUWImaDA~sEkUpENgIjaDIkjOfboaD

SC: foDawoeIm:aDA~sIwEskospENgi@mbapapiDIkjOfboaD
SD: foDawImaDA~sEskospENgipapapIDIkjOfboaD