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ASCII IPA (Was Re: Zetowvu / Ezotwuv (new conlang))

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Monday, February 24, 2003, 10:55
Tristan wrote:

> For a while, Christophe (and others?) was working on his own ASCII IPA > because X-SAMPA is unaesthetic and lacks good mnemonics, and other ASCII > IPAs don't represent the entire IPA with simple characters. I don't know > what happened to it in the end; it probably fell onto a backburner and > then dropped behind the oven. Of course, knowing my luck, Christophe's > been working hard at it and is about to start using it tomorrow...
I'd be interested to see something about that, Christophe... I have one that I'm alpha testing but it's not for public consumption (like my homegrown stenographic system). I use it for my own notes and for now I'm using it as I put together my conlang website, but in public I usually use X-SAMPA with the usual Kirshenbaum modifcations: & for { mainly. I've used and seen X-SAMPA, Kirshenbaum and my own so much that I can move freely between the three and it doesn't bother me - I'm sure most of us can move between X-S and K. I don't mind which one someone uses as long as it's known which system is being used and the more esoteric usages are defined at least in context. Cheers, Eamon


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