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Re: Heat 'n' cold

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Thursday, December 30, 1999, 3:56
Whoops, I forgot a few terms in my last post.

There are really only two seasons the Saalangal recognize in a normal
year, the dry season and the wet season. These two terms for the seasons
more accurately describe the mediterranean mediterranean climate of
California more than the"normal" season terms do. The names for the
seasons of temperate areas are easily created as native terms in Saalangal.

- Drought - matbísut. This literally means "dry season" (from the season
prefix of 'mat-', and root denoting dryness, 'bísut'). This also is the
name of the dry season.

- Rainy season - matisáw
- Dry season - matbísut

Temperate seasons:

- Spring - Matbalám (flower season)
- Summer - Matkasúg (heat season), or, Mathisím (growth season), or in my
part of California, Matpíliw (fog season)
- Fall -  Matsikóy (color season, from the colors of the deciduous trees
in fall)
- Winter - Matpanás (cold season)

- Sun - kámaw
- to shine as the sun - langkámawan*
- it´s sunny: ngakámawan
- Sunny - sakámaw

*note: when an 'n' is next to a 'k', it becomes 'ng' automatically.

Barry Garcia.
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