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Re: USAGE: Weird dialectal stuff

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 1:47
On 11 Jan 00, at 19:53, Nik Taylor wrote:

> Raymond Brown wrote: > > Almost certainly so - tho I suspect it is influenced by 'toss' as in > > 'toss-pot' (a drunkard). > > Ah! So THAT'S what that means! I heard it in a movie from Ireland, > altho from the context I thought it was a swearword. >
As far as I'm aware 'toss sb. (off)' = 'masturbate sb.' and a 'tosser' is a 'masturbator', and only a slightly milder term than 'w&nker'. In my experience, 'toss-pot' has always been associated with these terms, having a meaning along similar but less well-specified lines. At least, that's the (folk?) ety I grew up with, and most people I know use the terms 'tosser', 'toss-pot' and 'w&nker' fairly interchangeably. (Possibly 'toss-pot' is reserved for use to or about people who consider themselves of higher socio-economic standing than the utterer.) (*blush*) I feel like the legendary da Hiasl, but I s'pose that compared to some of the bursts of potty-mouth that go through this list (and the occasional bad word actually used as such :-), this was probably relatively acceptable. --- Pb "There's only one thing worse than not knowing, and that's not guessing."