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*oy vey*

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Sunday, April 7, 2002, 22:04
Well I'm gonna go on semi-hiatus for a while, so I'll warn y'all in advance, I
won't be posting much. I'm gonna study natlangs for a while to get a better idea
of what I want for my two conlang projects (the super-complex elven language and
the rudimentary troll language).

I'm starting with Dutch, which I'm going to try to learn in 24 hours...

The elf language Exian (or maybe I'll go back to calling it Tech; whaddya'll
prefer?) has plenty of orthographical ambiguities (a word I should've used to
clarify when I said "incongruencies"), and I'll post on one extreme example,
Judeo-Exian, where 22 Hebrew (okay, 23 if you count _shin_ when it become _sin_,
plus abgad-letter + _geresh_ digraphs) letters have to represent well over a
hundred consonants.

Finally, here's one more for the essential existentialism:

Nederlands/Dutch is essntiallij a Low Germanic language with that funkij letter
(that replaces Y) plus a zeriously coel orthographij.



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