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Re: Sioux

From:Brad Coon <bradandjen@...>
Date:Sunday, January 16, 2000, 15:45
Mike Adams wrote:

> But, not sure where the Mandan and like come from, they are Lakota > related, but. >
I don't believe I have ever seen any speculation about how the Mandan, or for that matter, the Crow and Hidatsa, arrived on the western plains so early. Mandan is extremely divergent with a very minimal consonsonant set. Crow and Hidatsa are less so from the main body of Siouan but still divergent. Most Siouan lgs were originally centered along the Mississippi River area (speaking very, very simplistically) and it is worth noting that Catawba, which is usually said to be coordinate with the rest of Siouan, is in the eastern US. -- Brad Coon (My conlang and conculture pages) If its tourist season, why can't we shoot them?