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From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 22:00
Having corresponded with Christophe about this, he convinced me that persons
here are truly interested in the sounds of members conlangs. So, here is my
muddled attempt to add those to my "profile" post of Apr. 19. I'm not adept
at using SAMPA or XSAMPA, and Christophe helped me immensely re: my most
glaring errors.

"Will you give me the book which you wrote?"

Palu f’Dule
["palu p\@"TulE]
/words of-people/

tatapwi hu xato ho wh'li cofatwi h'.
["t_dat_dap_}wi Xu "Sat_do Xo W@"li "t_jop\aT_}wi X@
/write-past-you (modifier) book (object) to-me give-future-you (question)/

Bez Dis’z
[bez "dIs-@z]
/people words-belonging-to/

ròt setón'l sik pil'n tekáf'sh san.
[4o_LT se-To_Hn-@l sIk pIl-@n Teka_Hf-@S san)
/askingly you-give-will me-to book-the you-write-complete it/

koned nepu shuna akop shuseth konenir shunev akal.
["kon.ed "neb.u "Suna ag."op "SuseD "kon.enIr "Sunev ag\."al]
/book-in-focus pen-in-use hand-your-active time-indefinite-past
hand-my-in-anticipation book-your-in-motion hand-your-in-volition

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