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"The Miller's Sons" in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 23:06
> Long ago, in a quiet village in France, there lived a miller.
ri leroç cosa, yalesa ecak osan -pranjes-, riyan yayeçensa keçunjun. In days gone, there-was village serene French, at-that he-dwelt miller That miller had three sons and two daughters. keçunjune ya yale nim ana, sila sinut ro luma. miller/dat. that there-is 5 child, 3 male 2 female The oldest son wanted to become a knight one day, ana sinut mesa yatovar yukar kandenar kariyanju child male one he-hope become warrior someday but his father had no money to buy a horse. mowa amayeni ta yale toye vara traka sovare but father/dat/his not is money in-order buy sword (No horses on cindu) The middle son wanted to become a monk, ana sinut ro yamelo yukar oriyos child male 2 he-want become monk but the nearest monastery had no room for him. mowa ta yale candundri (r)i yutrama yu mora-mora but not is space-its in temple that nearby The youngest son didn't know what he wanted to do. ana sinut krat inji ta yakaya kar melo teca. child male most young not he-know that-which want aspire. We don't know what the daughters wanted, ta mikaya kar imelo anala luma, not we-know that-which they-want child/pl female because stories in those days didn't talk about such things. ombi anjuraç ri amar yu vangi itrasosir acalaç niç... because story/pl in era that ancient not they-un/hear (=ignore) matter/pl those. Praetereo in silentio the presumptuous question whether our conlangs are "real" or whatever. If we ought to be translating longer, more up-to-date texts, I suggest (1)the editorial in Sunday's 4/20 New York Times, or any other major newspaper, or (2) John Cowan's multilingual text posted back in June. See the Archive, or the Kash/Engl. version (slightly modified) on my website (note that "seng-kr (sengor)" stands in for "rabbi"; the "secret society "Builders" " translates "Freemasons"; and the place-names were originally towns in France).


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