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Re: From Tokana to Denden

From:Matt Pearson <jmpearson@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 23:10
Jeffrey Henning asks:

>> (1) Basic word order is SVOX-OVSX-XVSO in main clauses, and VSO in >> dependent clauses. > >I haven't seen this notation before. Am I correct in assuming X means >indirect object? Is this standard notation or your own notation?
It's semi-standard notation. X = anything that isn't the S, V, or O. It's my way of saying that Tokana is (roughly speaking) V2 in main clauses. I decided not to use the term "V2" because I wasn't sure if Steg Belsky (my original successor in the translation relay) was familiar with that term. If I'd know I would eventually be sending my translation to Boudewijn, I would've used "V2". Matt.