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Re: Weekly Vocab #2.1.1 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Sunday, December 31, 2006, 0:45
Whilst waiting for the torch...

>> 1. to think
Urianian: dankid (think, feel, sense), minde (think, wonder, consider), lisid (think out, find out, know) Gaajan: inisatu (wonder, think about - formally a mediopassive: ask oneself about, from inisa - ask)
>> I think about many things.
U: Mindam ixuset megi. (consider-1s.pres many-pl) G: Os dedau inisatu anjit. (many artifact-pl think-about I-do-to-them)
>> 2. to plan
U: talmid (scheme, plan) G: itu aim (have purpose), -an (intentional) + aux.cond
>> I plan to go to town today.
U: Talmam birde tuni tona. (plan-1s.pres go.inf G: Kyriala asek jagaan jutjo. (town-term today travel-int I-do-cond)
>> 3. road
U: ban (paved road), rin (passage, mountain range), sin (way, march, journey) G: biden (paved road), reni (way, path)
>> I will go by the low road.
U: Birsam bandu nudir. (go-1s.fut down.rel) G: Iguik bidenam jaga ajut. (low-sup road-loc travel I-will-do)
>> 4. cloak / coat / culturally acceptable heavy outer garment
U: galg (coat, outer garment, long cloak), gaz (cap, hood, hood- cloak), gazp (hood, hood-cloak), ben (cloak, some kind of garment), G: sunin (short cloak), rakitu (long ornamental cloak), firin (short back cape)
>> I took my warmest cloak.
U: Frangem ma galga geigud. (bring-1s.pret my warm-sup) G: Meloik rakituma kura jat. (warm-sup cloak-my grab I-did-to-it)
>> 5. to stumble
U: trimid (stumble, stagger, walk unsteadily) G: iskasiwane (stumble, fall down)
>> I stumbled on the road.
U: Trimjam bandu. (stumble-1s.pret or Trimjam bana (with = onto the road) G: Bidenam iskasiwane jut. (road-loc stumble I-did)
>> 6. wind
U: un G: us
>> The wind was fierce.
U: Vrimpi undis. (blow-hard-3s.pret G: Us samim iju. (wind sharp/biting it-was)
>> 7. to snap
U: rabid (tear up/off) G: sab (destroy, tear apart)
>> It snapped my cloak.
U: Rabi ma galga. (tear-up-3s.pret my G: Rakituma sab ja. (cloak-my destroy it-did-to-it)
>> 8. to freeze
U: teide (turn solid, from cold or otherwise) G: jamu
>> My ears are freezing.
U: Ma esi tejan. (my freeze-3s.pres) G: Wenauma jamutu junji. (ear-pl-my freeze-mpass they-are)
>> 9. ice
U: jak G: sjuja
>> I think they have become ice.
U: Virkam jaka irfavjani. (believe-1s.pres become-3p.perf.subj) G: Urea at iskasjuja junjila. (believe I-do-to-it perf-transl-ice they-are-subj)
>> 10. inn
U: astam G: ijaje
>> I arrive at the inn half-dead.
U: Nigam astama ini elpi gevizam. (achieve-1s-pres then kill-1s.pass.pres) G: Ijajala istaugen ilmaim sanala jut. (inn-term half-adv death-my- com arrive I-do) (My own addition:) 11.Happy New Year to everybody and thanks for all the fun this year. U: Silfam bildant usan iren niu mindan je girmam elnant laman irdi gi. (wish-1s.pres 2p.gen new please- act.part.nom and thank-1s.pres this) G: Eraweis arant yra iriu ataint osai waluawin yraekin utate antaintes. (happy-adj new year wish I-do-to-it-for-you[pl] all-dat fun-pl-gen year-this-gen thank I-do-to-you[pl]-and) LEF