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'ing "Number Nine"...

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Thursday, May 11, 2000, 5:39
In a message dated 2000/05/10 09:15:01 PM, dawier wrote:

>And that gives a Grand Total of 9261 words of two syllables or less. I >don't even care to calculate the number of three-syllable words right now! >(Words of more than two syllables would probably be compound words or >foreign loans: _Amitika_ "America", _inklik_ "English", _kampiuta_ >"computer", _Intanit_ "Internet"...
WoWzA... those spellings look like English-based pidgin language spellings!!!! =) Spellings/pronunciations more like pidgin (syntax at a rough jargon stage): Mi Amitikan-pila. Mi taik Inaka-lana taik. Mi a pila a uta-kamiputa-an-Inatanit-uta-pila. <<Me American-fellow. I talk Eng-land talk. I be fellow be use-computer-on/in- Internet-use-fellow.>>