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Re: How to Win at Wordmanship

From:Fior Avant <chiph@...>
Date:Thursday, June 15, 2000, 19:03
> This sent to me. Thought it was funny enuff to share with me ConLang >buddies/pals/mates/plenti fren, etc.
>COLUMN 1 COLUMN 2 COLUMN 3 >---------- ---------- ----------> >0. Interated 0. Management 0. Options >1. Total 1. Organizational 1. Flexibility >2. Systematized 2. Monitored 2. Capability >3. Parallel 3. Reciprocal 3. Mobility >4. Functional 4. Digital 4. Programing >5. Responsive 5. Logistical 5. Concept >6. Optional 6. Transitional 6. Time-phase >7. Synchronized 7. Incremental 7. Projection >8. Compatible 8. Fifth-generation 8. Hardware >9. Balanced 9. Policy 9. Contingency
>The procedure is simple. Think of any three-digit number, >then select the corresponding buzzword from each column. >For instance, number 257 produces "systematized logistical >projection" a phrase then can de dropped into virtually any >conversation with that ring of decisive, knowledgeable >authority. No one will have the remotest idea of what >you're talking about, but the important thing is that >they're not about to admit it.
Bloody coincidence (...) If you can believe, I considered sending it to you all this week!! Amusing. I received one of this "wordmanship" stuff long time ago (really, some 5 years ago!) and I thought I would never see it again. One friend of mine gave me but, it's in portuguese :-) Okay.... I shall put it into portuguese and english as well, so that everyone can share it. I also think that the portuguese version is more complete and both can really be used into any kind of conversation... specially when you either don't want to talk to someone (finish the talk as soon as possible) or want to seem a bit linguisticly "superior" <G> "Quadro para emprego de expressões chave em uma conversa" "Chart for applying of the expressions key on a conversation" (word-by-word) = Chart for applying key-expressions onto a conversation. Maybe this version isn't as good for english as it is for portuguese. I don't know. 0.Programação 0.Funcional 0.Sistemática 1.Estratégica 1.Operacional 1.Integrada 2.Mobilidade 2.Dimensional 2.Eqüilibrada 3.Planificação 3.Transicional 3.Totalizada 4.Dinâmica 4.Estrutural 4.Insumida 5.Flexibilidade 5.Global 5.Balanceada 6.Implementação 6.Direcional 6.Coordenada 7.Instrumentação 7.Opcional 7.Combinada 8.Retroação 8.Central 8.Estabilizada 9.Projeção 9.Logística 9.Paralela ------------------------------------------------ 0.Programming 0.Functional 0.Systematic 1.Estrategic 1.Operational 1.Integrated 2.Mobility 2.Dimensional 2.Equilibrated 3.PLanification 3.Transitory 3.Totalized 4.Dinamic 4.Structural 4.Insufficient 5.Flexibility 5.Global 5.Balanced 6.Implementation 6.Directional 6.Coordenated 7.Instrumentation 7.Optional 7.Combined 8.Retroaction 8.Central 8.Stabilized (fixed/settled) 9.Projection 9.Logistic 9.Parallel Now you can get rid of ANYone heheheh... Order of column/row is free but as in english the adjective comes first, the 2º's and 3º's column words should come first to prevail the agreement. Then all phrases will sound extraordinary, and your authority shan't be questionated. :-] Any modification of the words (putting or taking suffixes) is possible. So it's possible to say "The 'implementation of a balanced Global estrategy of dinamic retroaction' is, at least prolix and pointless, as is this chart... lol Hope you like, chiph -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dreams are such stuff we are made on" ( Shakespeare, The Tempest) ICQ 4246788 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------