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Babel Text in Feringistani 1.2

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Saturday, September 29, 2001, 5:03
Since only one person at the time took notice of this, I will post it
again - with corrections:

Il tera tuta staba abeto per una lingua con una palabra.
Sta come elus viaja d'oriento trova un valone streto in il tera de
Elus senta la.
Tut'un de loro a su vizino dize dize, Va, noi besonya fa brics e
inzendiaum a un inzendio.
Elus abe brics per pietra, e abe catrame per ciment.
Elus dize dize, Va, noi besonya cunzia per una sita con un tore con
su sopra in il sielo, e fa un nome per corposcu, c'noi no sera gitato
in no sopra del tera.
Il patron bac,a de riguardar per la sita col tore c'il filyos d'Adam
Il patron dize dize,  Riguarda. il popolo sta un, e il palabra una a
tutaum, e cuesta elus sta comincha de fa, e adec,o tuta c'elus fi
pensa de fa no sera impedeto de loro.
Va, noi besonya bac,a e fa stupido su palabra come c'elus no sa capi per
no palabra d'un altro.
Il patron gitaum de la, in il sopra del tera tuta.
Elus mori de cunzia per la sita.
E cuesta su nome sa nominato per Babel, porcue il patron fi fa stupido
per il palabra de la tera tuta la.
Il patron gitaum de la, in il sopra del tera tuta.

The whole earth had one language with one speech.
Happened as they travelled from east found a straight valley in the land
of Shinar.
They settled there.
Everyone of them to his neighbour said saying, Come, we will make bricks
and burn them in a burning.
They had bricks for stone, and had tar for cement.
They said saying, Come we will build a city with a tower with its
surface in the sky, and make a name for ourselves, that we should not be
scattered in the surface of the earth.
The lord went down to observe the city with the tower that the sons of
Adam built.
The lord said saying, Observe, the people are one, and the speech one to
each of them, about this they are beginning to make, and now everything
that they have thought to make should not be prevented of them.
Come, we will go down and make stupid their speech as that they no
longer understand any speech of another.
The lord scattered them from there, in the surface of the whole earth.
They stopped building the city.
About this its name used to be named Babel, because the lord had made
stupid the speech of the whole earth there.
The lord scattered them from there, in the surface of the whole earth.

- andrew.
Andrew Smith, Intheologus             
alias Mungo Foxburr of Loamsdown

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