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From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, November 17, 2001, 9:17
Hope my input on Vyh. in a personal email comes in


--- David Peterson <DigitalScream@...> wrote:
> Hi all! > > Some time last spring, I mentioned that I was > going to be teaching a > class in language creation here at Berkeley Spring > 2002. Well, that's next > semester, and so I'm going to start gearing up for > it. What does this mean > for you? You see, I'm going to have a reader for > this class, and I would > love to see everyone contribute to it! ~:D In my > reader I'm planning on > having the following: > > Reader: > Part I: Introductions > 1.) IPA Chart (This I've got) > 2.) Introduction (This will be written by me) > 3.) Introduction 2 (A different type of introduction > written by Rick Harrison > that I was pointed to) > 4.) Intro to Phonology (Phonetics won't be as > important for beginners) > 5.) Intro to Morphology > 6.) Intro to Syntax > 7.) Intro to Semantics > 8.) Intro to Pragmatics > > Part II: Special Topics > 9.) Verbal Aspect (Sally Caves wrote a nice summary > of this which I have) > 10.) Noun Cases > 11.) Metaphor (I'm going to write this) > 12.) Orthography (This one, too, though I'd love > samples!) > 13.) Historical Linguistics (this should include > proto-languages, language > change, etc.) > 14.) Pidgins and Creoles > 15.) Conculture > > Part III: Samples > 16.) Miscellaneous articles > 17.) Language Samples > > [Note: If anyone can think of ANYTHING that > should be on here and is not, > please let me know!] > > Okay. What I would LOVE people to do (if you > have the time and if you > want to) would be to fill in the missing holes. ~:D > Ideally, articles won't > be that long (no more than ten computer pages, I'd > imagine), and deal with > just the basics. Also, if you know of a website > somewhere that has good > articles on any or all of these, I'd love it if you > could send me a link. If > I don't get anything from anyone and don't find > anything on websites, I'll > end up writing all the articles myself, which is > fine. However, one thing I > know absolutely nothing about since I've had no > experience with and little > interest in it is Conculture. I would gladly > exchange having all the other > articles written for me in exchange for this one, > since I recognize that > Concultures are an important aspect of Conlanging. > As I said above, I will be doing the article on > orthography, but I'd love > it if people could send me examples of their own > orthographies, whether it be > with a font, a sample on a webpage or even through > the mail. I plan on > writing a page or two about it and then just having > five or six pages of > orthographies both natural and created. A sample > could be just an alphabet > with corresponding sounds, or just a sentence > written out in orthography with > no interlinear whatsoever. Just so that people > looking on it can get a sense > for what it looks and feels like. > Lastly, language samples. This is the one thing > I would love everyone to > do. What I want for these languages samples will be > slightly different from > what we've done before for Conlang books, and such > (what happened to that, > anyway?). Here's what I'm looking for: > > 1.) Language name > 2.) Creator's name (pen and real, if > applicable--I'll need the latter for > copyrighting) > 3.) Related links > 4.) Conculture information > 5.) *Interesting/unique features* > > Number five is the important part. Rather than > translating a phrase and > giving an interlinear (though you can do this), what > I'm looking for is > something that your language has that no other does, > or, possibly, what it > lacks (for instance, if your language lacks nouns, > that's very > interesting--you might want to demonstrate how it > does that). Noun cases, > for example, aren't interesting enough; ten or more > noun cases, however, do > classify as interesting. Also, base systems other > than 10; inordinately > large phonemic inventories; Irish-level mutation; > non-gender noun classes, > etc. The idea is not to see what each individual > language is like, but to > give these new conlangers an idea of just how > multifarious language can be. > Also, most importantly: These should be no longer > than one page--I'll have to > fiddle with the format if it goes over. Also, if > you have a language with a > romanization system, please don't use it; just use > X-SAMPA, or whatever's > convient--I'll be converting it into IPA on my end. > If you'd like to > showcase your orthography, I'd suggest putting a > sample in the orthography > section, since it would probably lengthen the > sample. I'll be sending an > example to the list after this e-mail so you can see > exactly what I'm looking > for. > As a final note, let me stress that it's crucial > that everyone who gives > me something give me their name and the month and > year in which they wrote > the article or sample (if it's as of the time you're > sending it to me, you > can say so and I'll just note the month and year I > received it). This is > very important, seeing as I can't include anything > without this information. > To all those who send anything, I am eternally > in your debt, and shall > remember you forever afterwards! Also, if anybody > wants a copy of the reader > when it eventually comes out, I'm sure that can be > arranged. So as not to > gum up the list, all replies should be off-list. > Thanks! > > -David > > "Zi hiwejnat zodZaraDatsi pat Zi mirejsat dZaCajani > sUlo." > "The future's uncertain and the end is always near." > --Jim Morrison
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