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Some non-human languages

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 11:31
I've been working on a couple of intentionally non-human languages lately.
Here are some sentences translated into three of them.  I'll post more info
tomorrow.  In parentheses, I have a feature or two of each language briefly

     Teuthurev  (no verbs, large noun compounds)
A wise man once lived in this forest.
- Graurdurath uth aeth tantau.
/gr\Or\dur\aT uT aeT tantO/ once-in-the-past at tree.normal-amount

I know what the wolf can see.
- Am setcendur culthilwuthset.
/am setkendur\ kulTilwuTset/
I it.knowledge.haver wolf

     Theodón  (all words agree with topic, which can be verb or noun)
A wise man once lived in this forest.
- Ga'odorá gér gôná aórogan rzsada.
/ga'odor\a: ge:r\ go::na: ao:r\ogan Z`sada/
forest.stative.oblique man in.oblique wise.past.topic reside.distant-past

I know what the wolf can see.
- Atheaen géronen cárónen rhshroen laean.
/at_heaen ge:r\onen !\_ma:r\o:nen R\S=r\oen !\_aaean/
see.object human.1st.object know.1st.object wolf.object it.topic

     Eihdan  (uses a small set of demiverbs to indicate noun relationships)
A wise man once lived in this forest.
- Scalemv htea htoru, tëzgë zi il, anar teu, luhdelhun.
/SaleF Tea To4u te:Ze: zi il ana4 teu luDeKun/
wisdom is-perceived-by man, tree.plural has him living
reverse-subject-object now-not

I know what the wolf can see.
- En htea farurh, en htea earh, vel.
/en Tea fa4u4_0 en Tea ea4_0 vel/
it is-perceived-by wolf it is-perceived-by I knowing