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An early morning introduction

From:Patrick Jarrett <gtg346g@...>
Date:Thursday, January 23, 2003, 8:33
Well since I am actually still awake, bed did not afford me what I hoped it
would I can go ahead and answer the pre-welcome-wagon-wagon.

> Which is bigger, the info on the world, or the language?
The files and such are mostly a jumble of world and language, the files which are expressly language take up about half a meg, but there is a good bit of language thrown into other files which discuss aspects of the world.
> A couple of useful sites for that: > lets you hear the IPA letters, and > lets you > see how to type ASCII versions of them.
> >Normal has Singular, plural and nullar. Nullar, as some might remember or > just plain recognize, is to show the number is zero. > > Nullar! Yes, I know where I learned about that one.
Just to make sure I am not getting credit which goes elsewhere, I thought of it on my own but when I initially introduced it on here I was told someone else had come up with it prior to my listing (but I wasn't on the list when they did, whoever you are - you rock!)
> >Plural: There is no incomplete plural number > > "only a few of?" Like a paucal number, maybe.
I've gone over several different possibilities including that choice but decided to just leave it irregular. The point of the incomplete number set is to show that it is near the number as if it were a math equation with the ~ to signify almost equal to. Making it paucal doesn't ring true to me in this case.
> >Any questions? > > Do you have any stuff related to your language on-line? I couldn't find
> (nice design though).
Well, I've pondered for a long time putting it on there but as of now I haven't. I want to wait until it is "complete." Yes, I know it won't ever be complete - but I don't regard it near enough to completeness to put it up for others to look at. Hopefully I will continue working on it with regularity and be able to put it up in the next few months. If you want a copy of the files, I'll zip them and send them to you (the expressly language related namely the lexicon and grammar notes.) kOra, Patrick R. Jarrett Georgia Tech "Blaze your trail." AIM: RoninCyberPunk