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New conlang: Pátacasálahumínu

From:Caleb Hines <cph9fa@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 5:29
This message is in Latin-1 and contains:
á - a acute
í - i acute
ú - u acute

My fellow conlangers, I present my newest conlang attempt,
Pátacasálahumínu. Yes, that name is a mouthful, but it contains every
letter in its alphabet. I came up with the idea in the car on the way home
a few days ago, and had to think of a way to remember which letters I
selected until I got home, so I stung them all together and inserted a few
vowels. Later, I realized this would make a perfect name for the language.
Vowels are long, and acutes mark stress. It has an extremely simple
phonology (almost minimalistic)

I believe (though I'm not sure yet) that Patacasalahuminu is spoken by
nomadic warrior tribes that ride horses on a northern steppe in some world
or other, kinda like Scythians. You can find (a little) more information
at "". Be sure to check out the
(fairly generic) "stresso-tactic" rules in the Phonology section.

In order to get into the mood of the speakers (and hence the language), I
translated a short poem from Patacasalhuminu into English. Notice the
occasional onomotopoeia [sp!?]. Friendly criticism is much welcomed!
Without further ado, I present you with "Lahalánatu".

Lipátaca sinámatu
Hánapuláhi hásaci
Caláta cálapi
Nalála nanúta
Hasúca hása
Sulámali satíci

Li-pátaca   si  -námatu
SBJV-Gallop with-warhorse,
To gallop on the warhorse

Hána  -puláhi       muhásac-i
Across-grassland-PL wind.swept-PL
Across the wind-swept grasslands

Caláta  cálap-i
Thunder hoof-PL
The hooves thundering

Nalála nanúta
Shine  sun
The sun shinning

Hasúca hása
Blow   wind
The wind blowing

Sulámali satíca
Expand   sky
The expansive sky


To gallop on the warhorse,
Across the wind-swept grasslands;
The hooves thundering,
The sun shinning,
The wind blowing,
The expansive sky: