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Tatari Faran and Flames

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, November 15, 2004, 19:48
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From: "H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh@...>

> san huna! > > After lots of work over the weekend, I've finally got the Tatari Faran > webpage ready for public consumption. There's some brief info on the > con-world, and an updated phonology, grammar, and lexicon. It is all > here: > >
Awesomely imaginative, as usual, Teoh. A people of fire in a volcanic world.
> Most of my time over the weekend was spent programming the lexicon > search engine, which is capable of full regular expression searches on > Tatari Faran orthography and definition bodies, can filter results by > entry category and word type. I hope y'all will enjoy it. :-)
The only problem with it is that when I search for "man," meaning adult human male, it also gives me "woman" and "manage." You might want to fiddle with that a little. Fiddle a little, diddle diddle. Another question: why kill off Ebisedian entirely, such that you have a new language altogether? I rather like the name Ebisedian. Could it be salvaged in some way? On another fiery (or should I say "furry"--or "froggy") note: Trent issued the following imperative:
> Stop asking for their permission to construct and describe language unless > you really want it.
To which Teoh answered in fine form:
> You mean permission must be asked before a conlang is made??? How did > I not know this before?? Where is this approval committee? Please > tell me immediately, so that my conlangs can be officially sanctioned! > I don't want to be squided for lioning my wolves and pigging if my > dog cats the ursine elephants! I mean, equine rhinoceroses elephanting > canine hawks would not be a lacertilian simian, and avicularly not > squaloidal!
I guess they'll never count you a connie caught between the wall and the Wyrlorf, Teoh! :) He's right, Trent. You really oughta check out Teoh's website (link above). Also Sylvia Sotomayor's. And Herman Miller's. And a dozen others where new terms (and peculiar sounds) have been trotted out. And I can't really cotton on to what got your hackles up. Was it the scaly discussion of applicatives? The salivary debates over lateral and bilabial fricatives? The agonistic exchange over sublaminals and retroflexions? No answer required...I'm sure I agree with Heinrik, whose wise note pointed out that we're calling up our own creatures out of the fire anyway, just as you counsel us to, but yarbling over the most efficient way to describe them communally to each other is efficacious. So let's turn flames into furnaces of creation, and not flame for flaming's sake. Bovints, "let's blue" (chill out, calm down, be like the sky on a sunny day) Sally Al eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehre celyil takrem bomai nakuo. ("My shadow follows me, putting strange new roses into the world.") Mantef, tonfents! ("Come, let's sow!")


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