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Hypersimple & Dreadfully Unnatural Grammars

From:Edward Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 16, 1999, 19:47
Ever since I read about Allnoun (,
I've wanted to try to mutate it into something more naturalistic,
especially something without those parentheses.  This is what I came up
with last weekend:

Nouns are defined as consonant clusters, as in Semitic languages.  These
are at least two consonants long and may be more.

Vowels are defined in a "chain" that zigzags through the mouth:

i -> u -> e -> o -> a.  Schwa (@) is not part of the chain.

When a noun is used as an individual, it has the form CVC{VC} where V is
the same vowel.  Optionally, this may become CVC{@C}.  (I'm an English
speaker so I like to be able to reduce things to schwa!)

Where a noun is used as a role, it has the form VCVC{VC} where V is all
the same vowel (or optionally schwa after the first vowel).

At the beginning of a sentence, all the vowels are i.  However, each
time a parenthesis is opened, you jump one vowel down the chain.

If you want to raise an element up one level of parentheses, the
function of the raising operator in standard Allnoun, you append to it a
vowel W, where W is one vowel back in the chain.

You can't go more than five levels deep in the language as I've figured
it out at this point.

What think folks?
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