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Tiny Grammar: Chleweyish

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 16, 1999, 20:02
Gary Shannon wrote:

> Can the complete comprehensive grammar textbook of a conlang be written=
> the back of a single postcard?
I don't know if a complete enough grammar for Chleweyish could be written= in the back of a postcard, but this are some of the simplified rules: Nouns could have plural and singular infleccions. Verbs could have normal, perfect or potencial inflections. In NV constructions, V applies to N (N is subject) In VV constructions both verbs apply to previous noun if the second verb = is not modal. If the second verb is modal, this verb apply to the previous sentence. There is no rule to NN constructions. (should be avoidable) All other complex cases are given by an uninflected conector wich could a= ct as modal (NVc), question word (NVc) or conector (NVcN). But each word has its own way the above rules apply to them. -- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinz=F3n ITEC-Telecom, Colombia Di mi beh em je lok mi ju je kom lon vu am je