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Re: Bastet Relay Translation Web Finally Up!!

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 29, 2001, 23:36
First off, if there's to be another relay, I want in!  (So far, as I read
the messages, it seems that Sally has been "volunteered" to do it, but
hasn't officially accepted....?)

bjm@cornell wrote:

>I've got a question, for to ask before the relay gets started, since I've >never done this and would like to participate. What would one use for the >"source text" on one's step? Let's say that that the "Tandil Venddebron >Bastetid" is used as the start on the chain. It exists as parallel texts, >the original and an English translation. If one were to translate from >the English translation, then one would not actually be translating the >conlang but instead from English. Indeed, at each step one would not >translate from the conlang but from an English translation (indeed dare >one say paraphrase) of the conlang. Thus, should one instead present a >parsed interlinear with appropriate grammatical and structural notes >instead of a translation for use on the next step?
The results, as they appear on the various web-sites, give a false impression. I think Sally mentioned that a smooth English translation is NOT to be provided. So you will receive a text in conlang, with interlinear analysis. To some extent you might have to translate that back to English, then into your conlang, or maybe with luck you'll be able to go conlang-to-conlang without re-Englishing it. Then you send your conlang version with interlinear along to the next person. Proper names can be adapted or translated, as you see in some of Sally's versions. I did an after-the-relay Kash version of Irina's Starling Song, but worked directly from the smooth English version. Had I been in the actual relay, I might have bollixed things up, since there are no birds on planet Cindu, only little gliding lizard-like things. You see the problem. Believe me, it ain't easy. But challenging!