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Bastet Relay Translation Web Finally Up!!

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Friday, May 25, 2001, 19:32
Hello, Conlangers.  It was an unconscionable delay.  It was
like writing and publishing a book.  I will never do it this way

But the Bastet Relay Translation Game is finally up and you can
see it at:

I call it the "Second" translation relay game, assuming,
perhaps arrogantly, that there have been no CONLANG translation
relay games since Irina's splendid Starling Song Relay.  If
there have, let me know, and I will change to "third" or "fourth"
as needed.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this, the
game goes thusly:

One conlanger decides to chair the game.  He or she gets volunteers
from conlangers who wish to participate in a certain order. (This
is described on the website).  He or she sends a short text to
the first person on the list who has forty-eight hours to
translate it into his or her language given lexical and grammatical
instruction but NO SMOOTH TRANSLATION.  This person then sends,
following the same rules, the new text to the next person on the
list until the end is reached, the final participant sending the
much changed text back to the leader of the ring.  It took about
six weeks in the fall of 1999.

Then it's sent to the web.  The relayer is supposed to make it
a website.  This took me a year and a half.

Irina's Starling Website can be accessed on my website.  Irina was
smart: she didn't try to replicate the interlinear analyses sent
by my group of people.  For you, my dears, I lined up as best
I could your interlinear analysis under each of your conlang
words.  I failed when it came to John Cowan and Jeffrey
Henning, whose interlinear explanations were either so complicated
or so unbroken up that all I could do was replicate them without
lining them up.  Forgive me.

Forgive me also, if those of you who participated have changed
your languages significantly... alas, I can't do this again, and
will not take requests for changes.  Only requests for mistakes

I will also need the updated email addresses and websites (if
any) for the people in the game so long ago.

Please let me know what you think of this joint effort of ours.
At the very least it demonstrates beautifully that our conlangs
are not relexes of English or other languages, but have their
own idioms and registers that "don't quite translate."  Hence the
transmogrification of the text.  In this one, a cynical little
poem about not overhearing something, or not being a peeping tom
turned into a vast Wedding Celebration of the Creator and His/Her
Creation.  It's wonderful!

I've made a couple of .ra files for my contributions; I also have
a link to the Proverbs of Bastet (selections)--on the website.
If anybody else is so moved to put their texts to music, send me
the file address and I'll link it.  Or even a non-musical reading
of it.  We need more of this.

Participants in order:

Sally Caves (Teonaht)
Josh Roth (Eloshtan)
Matt Pearson (Tokana)
Boudewijn Rempt (Denden)
Rob Nierse (Gbwia)
Christophe Grandsire (Chasmocho)
Pablo Flores (Draseleq)
Irina Rempt (Valdyan)
Dennis Paul Himes (Gladilation)
Nicole Perrin (Pfinnapex)
Adam Parrish (Doraya)
John Fisher (Elet Anta)
Fabian (Demuan)
John Cowan (Lojban)
Terrence Donnelly (Vogu)
Patrick Dunn (Hatasoe)
Nik Taylor (Watakassi)
Andrew Smith (Brithenig)
Jeffrey Henning (Dublex)
Steg Belsky (Rokbeigalmki)
Paul Bennett (Wenetaic)
Sally Caves (Teonaht)

pom ravvo~

"The gods have retractible claws."
                                from _The Gospel of Bastet_


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