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Re: CHAT Linear P & the Psykhro inscription (was: allnoun, Linear P)

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Sunday, April 25, 1999, 0:24
>Yes, the three 'glyphs' remind one of Linear A & B, but they are not all in >the known Linear B corpus certainly and maybe not all in Linear A either; >maybe Ed is correct in identifying them as Linear P - but the academic >world will need to see more of the Linear P material first, I think, before >committing itself to this.
Unfortunately, all my resources on it were stolen by a crackpot Bavarian linguist and occultist, and so far my efforts to recover them have been fruitless. :)
>But I must say I'm attracted by Ed's decipherment; this presumably would >make it a prophecy whose fulfilment is now taking place about 2300 years >after it was written ;)
By my reading, it was not a prophecy, but a statement of fact, and so it has not been fulfilled, but merely remains true today. :) Ed -- **************************************************** Ed Heil ..................... **************************************************** "Koy tse tl'an tse tum gen nekom payaw; ts'enra me hlay man yatam." "The noble nation of Atlantis is greatest among men; And its reign shall extend unto eternity." (from a Linear P inscription.) ****************************************************