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Re: the alphabet of nakiltipkaspimak (was: milimpulaktasin)

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Saturday, May 5, 2001, 20:41
Daniel Seriff wrote:

> Very nice! I love the final nun, final kap, and medial taw. Your > letter simat does strike me as a little clunky for some reason, > though. It looks a little too complex to really fit in with the > rest of the script, which is relatively simple.
Perhaps I should clarify that this script is actually Aramaic script. I've used an Aramaic font, but adapted the original writing system to fit Pimak's 13 phoneme system. I haven't created the font and letters myself. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Regarding "simat", you're absolutely right. I've thought about that too. I've decided to change "simat" to "sat" (original Aramaic name "Tsade"). This is originally [ts], but I use it for [s] instead. I looks much more like [s] and is more consistent with the rest of the system. It kinda looks like: ____\_\_______ \ __\ where the line is the line for the other letters. "sat" would look like: \ \ __\____\__\_\ \/ \ __\ Much better than that strange letter "simat". Thanks for giving me the courage to change that. :) I'll update my pages as soon as possible. And, yes, I love final kap and nun too! :) ||| daniel -- <> Kattawiknik pimaktasal! <> <> <> Katsayuknik pimak! <> <>