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Concocted early 16th Century English

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 7:07
I'm writing a poem...It uses many archaic words and
some archaic syntax. It's not a conlang, it's supposed
to represent the English spoken around 1520 or so,
give or take around 15 years. I suppose any time from
1490 to 1590 would be a candidate...but I'm not really
an expert. I'd like feedback, and if you can figure it
out, maybe people would like to translate it.

Thou must needs speak lithely,
It dows thee more,
Who hast well been thewed.
So taught, thou seldom theest
In wickedness, nor wouldst dare.
I make thee no recompense
If loathsome thou wouldst me treat
And speak in manner most unkind.
But with smiles thee I would greet,
   When smiles thou me wouldst turn.
   Though smiles of guile would I spurn,
   But, if thine eyes shine true,
   Then smile I and I'll thee sue.

Beleaguered now, as thou art
By thoughts lingering far after list,
Or, though joy plagues thee yet
Then even twice endoubted,
I shall not thee forget.
A heart once touched, a smile shared,
Is a pittance not swift in want.
Thy wonder fair guise doth guide
the near unwavering surety of my fare.
   Though my surance of a time may ‘bate,
   In sooth, thy pleasure I will to sate.
   Thus inward I would come too late,
   An elder youth to nourish and create.

needs:  'of necessity'
lithely: 'softly, gently'
dow:    'it behooves you, befits you'
thew:   'to instruct in manners and morals'
thees):  (2nd person singular of verb: thee)
         'to prosper, grow'
sue:      'pursue, follow with the intention of
list:    'desire, pleasure, joy'
endoubt   'to feel doubt'
pittance  'a charitable gift (usually of food or
money, here metaphorical)
want       'lacking, missing'
surety    'certainty of obtaining something'
fare      'proceeding, action, fight'
surance    'confidence'
‘bate       'abate

Elliott Lash

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