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Another update of gjâ-zym-byn

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Saturday, August 13, 2005, 13:41
I've updated the gjâ-zym-byn site again.

1. More detail about reflexive and reciprocal verbs, verb aspect,
and argument structures of different kinds of verbs.

2. Details about most of the suffixes I've added in the last few

3. Another translated text: "The Wolf and the Lamb" by AEsop.
Either the Babel text, or another passage from Luke, will be next
(I have them translated on paper, but need to transcribe and gloss

4. Convert the Parable of the Good Samaritan, and the
lexicon, to Unicode HTML.

5. Added a draft version of an essay on the history of the
language (influences, design goals, progress of development,
and learning to use it).  Comments on this draft are
especially welcome -- is it too detailed?  Not detailed enough?

6. Some changes to the Unicode orthography: d-crossbar changed to edh,
t-crossbar changed to theta, capital-J-circumflex changed to
I'm still willing to consider changes to the vowel orthography at this stage,
if John Quijada or someone else will come up with more concrete
suggestions for how it could be improved.

The basic lessons still need to be converted to Unicode HTML,
and they are still very out of date.  I could
convert "How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana" to Unicode
and update/correct the grammar in various points, but I might prefer to leave it
as-is, maybe just adding comments on how the language has changed
since I translated it (in 1999-2000).

Jim Henry