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Re: Two different opposites

From:Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 14, 2004, 20:41
On Tuesday, January 13, 2004, at 06:57 PM, Joe wrote:

> Ray Brown wrote:
>> If I came across the word 'enfast', I'd assume it was a quaint archaic or >> dialect >> word meaning "to fasten", i.e. to cause something to be fixed. > > > > Heh, yes. I wasn't really thinking realistically, there. Still, the > concept's interesting.
Yep - and not so straightforward as is often supposed. The subject line of this thread is OK if it means we're discussing two different kinds of opposites out of a possibly larger number of different kinds of opposites. But if it is meant to imply that there are only two kinds of opposites, then I think it is mistaken. In my critique of Speedwords I touch on the subject of opposites, and distinguish between antonyms, negatives and complementaries: The topic of opposities is not an easy one. In "A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics", David Crystal writes: "It is a matter of controversy how many types of opposites one should usefully recognize in semantic analysis......" I think you topic you raise is an important one, especially for designers of auxlangs (where in some IMHO the idea of 'oppositeness' has been rather clumsily implemented, e.g. in Speedwords) and, more importantly for this list, designers of loglangs. Ray =============================================== (home) (work) =============================================== "A mind which thinks at its own expense will always interfere with language." J.G. Hamann, 1760