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Classical language children's books

From:Erich Rickheit KSC <rickheit-cnl@...>
Date:Monday, January 12, 2004, 20:04
Ph. D. wrote:
> I think it's somewhat of a hobby to produce Latin > translations of popular children's books. I have > Winnie the Pooh, Le Petit Prince, How the Grinch > Stole Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlotte's > Web. A friend of mine has Peter Rabbit and The > Wizard of Oz. This last one was controversial because > the word order is generally like that of English.
Does anyone know if any of these are available in Ancient Greek? My Attic Greek study group is looking for some texts a bit easier (and more fun) than leaping into Plato or Hesiod. Actually, we've made a pass at writing _Petros_Lagoos_, a translation of _Peter_Rabbit_. But writing is much harder than reading. Erich


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