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Re: CHAT: Tolkien (was Re: fantasy)

From:Jeffrey Henning <jeffrey@...>
Date:Saturday, November 27, 1999, 4:18
And Rosta <a.rosta@...> comunu:

> Are elves a separate entity. I don't have my Silmarillion with me, > but I thought hobbits are a variety of Men, and Men and elves are > of the same "species", while Dwarves were independently created, > and Orks are bred from elves.
Elves and Men are most definitely two different species. Men have the "Gift of Iluvatar", which happens to be a short life and death. Elves stay in Middle Earth until they are weary of it and finally depart. If an elf is killed in battle, I believe he goes to the Hall of Mandos to wait -- in other words he still lives. You can sail to Valinor and find a "slain" elf in the Hall of Mandos, without having died yourself. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to leave the Hall of Mandos yourself... It's definitely time for you to re-read the Silmarillion, And! :-) I just re-read it completely for the fourth time this spring -- it's a wonderful book, but I didn't like it the first two times I attempted to read it. I now think its the best of all JRRT's works. Best regards, Jeffrey Henning - Invent Your Own Language - Win $100 in the DublexGame contest! "If Bill Gates had a nickel for every time Windows crashed.... Oh, wait, he does!"