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sketchy conlang... look! it's on-topic!

From:Muke Tever <hotblack@...>
Date:Thursday, December 18, 2003, 5:19
Lately during RP sessions I havnt found myself inspired to draw or write,
and I find myself doing random conlang doodling instead.

This is the bit of nameless language I've thrown together over the past
couple weeks:


      t  c  k  q  ?
      n     N
         j     w
      r           h

              i\(:) u\
      e(:) œ           ʌ(:) o

SOV order.
Basic roots generally (C)V(C) syllables.


      -tan-  "rock" (n.)
      -kaN-  "kill" (v.)
      -aaq-  "love" (v.)
      -haan- "light" (v.) (?)
      -tut-  "be in" (v.)
      -tah-  "rain" (n.)
      -aac-  "dream" (v.)


The Noun Word

Haven't got any derivations yet.

"Possessor" is the possessor of the object
      1P -y-
      2P -k-
      3P -w-

    (some objects cannot be possessed)

    The -y- and -w- have a tendency to disappear, leaving
    interesting effects (see below).

"Case" - I'm not sure how many there are yet, but there's at least:
      ergative   -aa, -e,  -ʌ
      absolutive -o,  -ii, -u
      dative     -aa, -ee, -ee

     (yes, there are three different declensions of nouns...
      how they classify, I'm not sure yet)

So, "rock"      = tan-aa   > tanaa
     "his rock"  = tan-w-aa > tonnaa
     "my rock"   = tan-y-aa > tennaa
     "your rock" = tan-k-aa > tankaa

     "rain"      = tah-e    > tahe

Number not distinguished.


The Verb Word



"Aspect" - formed dynamically!  yahoo!
      < x - >
      t q a :

      "<" is action that has been going on
      ">" action that continues
      "x" a point in time
      "-" a span of time

    So, < --- > progressive,  taa-
          ---xx perfect,      aqiq-
        x --- > inceptive,    qaa-
           x    punctual,     q-
          xxx   iterative,    qiqiqi-  (etc.)
     ad libitum

     (-i- is the anaptyctic vowel where necessary)

     This is actually a bit ambiguous.  Using the notation in DM,
     this language doesnt distinguish between "|", "[", "]", or "x"
     (it may... but I havnt come across it yet)

"Agent" markers are the same as the possessive markers

"Subject"/"patient" markers:
      1P  -ee-
      2P  -(i)k-
      3P  -o-
     refl -(i)t-

So, "I love you" = t-a-:-aaq-y-ik > taaaaqqik or taaaeqqik [!]
For sheer readability's sake upon producing a form like "taaaaqqik" I
decided to start marking long vowels with macrons instead of doubled
letters, so it should really be tāāqqik or tāaeqqik.  (The |ae| would
probably be [AI].)

"rain in my dreams"
      tahe qēāc tātutto

Somehow q- got managed to be used as a gerund (?a dreaming).
Yes, prepositions are verbs...

And that's about all I have so far.  I dont do a priori conlanging well or
much, so.

--                  E jer savne zarjé mas ne     Se imné koone'f metha      Brissve mé kolé adâ.


Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>