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i'm sure there some wacky technical term for this but i have no idea what it is...

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Friday, November 16, 2001, 22:14
the discussion on "Genitives NPs as Relative Clauses" and all that
"of my seeing" fun inspired me to mess with narethaal's grammar a
little bit... it will (hopefully) be getting a major overhaul when i
go home for thanksgiving vacation because right now the whole thing
is far too english for my liking... but on with the seeing...

"i see the monkey"

to thare muhnki dkai keto

to (the) thare (indicates possession sort of like 's in english but
in this instance a little more complicated) muhnki (monkey) dkai (my)
keto (vision)

translated literally: "the monkey possesses my vision"

i'm worried however that this could get confusing in a case like:
"he sees your monkey"  (note: other than "dkai"(my) all possessives
are denoted by "thare" preceding the word that owns whatever is in

thare tiot thare muhnki thare sokra keto

thare tiot ("your" with "tiot"=you and "thare" indicating that it is
possessive) thare muhnki (monkey that is possessing something) thare
sokra ("his/hers/its" with "sokra"=he/she/it and "thare" indicating
possession) keto (vision which is what the monkey from a while back
is supposed to be possessing)

literal translation:"your monkey possesses his vision"

does this make sense?  questions, comments, and suggestions would be
very welcome...

fuzzy blue monkeys... shmuli atae muhnkia... jiqek qelek nimmekel... Luddiga blå
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