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general reply: Reactions, permission, religion

From:J. Barefoot <ataiyu@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 10, 1999, 3:12
Speaking of reactions to the secret vice, and I know we were, my French
teacher thinks she can get me actual high school credit for all the work
done on Asiteya. "You mean people will take this seriously?" I stammered.
"We'll make them take it seriously," she said. I couldn't believe it. Seeing
as how we will very few courses left to take our senior year, the members of
my class will have the option of doing an independant research/project, and
Madame thinks the Complete Reference Grammar of Asiteya would count to that
end (though now it only exists in a Concise edition). What I'm trying to say
it this: There would be official time in my Academic Affairs-sanctioned
schedule to work on Asiteya. How's that for a reaction? I'm still in shock.
Oh, and yes, she's just a tad eccentric herself.

Sally, no objections. Use it and use it well. I know you will.

The Asiteya word for God: a very conculture-y issue. In the creation myth,
the universe begins when the male and female essences arise spontaneously
out of Chaos.  Choas is noise, infinite noise, and in this noise came the
sound stream "Ona wa ih ona sa" <we are and we do>, the genesis of the
female essence E (/e/) and the stream "A sa ih a wa" <I do and I am>, the
male essence, In. (Shall I expound on the cultural attitudes toward gender
implicit in this part of the myth? No? I really should get around to
subscribing to Conculture.) And of course the whole pantheon is descended
from Their union.  Praticed religion is more or less the cult of Iyana, the
Mother, grand-daughter of this union.  However, the supreme being,
recognized but in practical terms ignored, except by a few upstart
philosophical heretics, is Eyala, also the word for truth. Eyala is the
Force in the universe with a Plan, known only to Itself. It is the Force
that caused the seemingly random but metaphysically correct words to be
"spoken" to begin the world. But It doesn't interfere, It doesn't need to.
Everything goes according to the Plan no matter what value judgements gods
or humans come up with, calling one good and another evil.
Okay, enough. Good night.

Jennifer Barefoot

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