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email change

Date:Tuesday, October 3, 2000, 22:38
Hi. Due to the IMMENSE volume of email from the brown list, all further email
from me will be from, and most further email to me should be from, the
address "Togo na"

togo-na kamane
language-NADJ person.FEM
(NADJ: converts a noun to an adjective. kamani (person) means a human person
So this address means "language woman"!

HOWEVER: if you were going to send me a translation of "Colorless green ideas
sleep furiously" and have not yet done so, or are replying to a request for
clarification on your translation, send that to this address,, so I can be sure of finding it in the sea of
linguisticsness. Similarly, if I email you about a sentence you created to
have translated, from this address, reply to this one, so I can find your
answer and translate it.

I ate your Web page.
Forgive me. It was juicy
And tart on my tongue.