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Re: All-important phrases

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Thursday, August 1, 2002, 5:15
On 31 Jul 02, at 14:54, Christian Thalmann wrote:

> The German word "Hallo" exists and is applicable over a wide range of > social strata, therefore making a good choice when you don't quite > know whether to address someone with as "Sie" or "du".
It also seems to be popular in more-or-less informal emails, which (in my experience) often start with "Hallo <name>". <name> can be either Firstname or something along the lines of "Herr/Frau Lastname", for when you know someone fairly well but are not on a first-name basis yet. (If you don't know them at all, then IME people tend to stick with the paper-letter-writing phrase "Sehr geehrter Herr X" = "Much honoured Mr X".) Cheers, Philip "Hallo Herr Kaiser -- gut, dass ich Sie treffe!" (Catchphrase from a TV commercial for an insurance company) -- Philip Newton <Philip.Newton@...>