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elvish tidbit

From:Mario Bonassin <zebuleon@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 6, 2001, 7:45
I was at the Lord of the rings webstie and they had a little section on
the languages for the movie and they said this

                           The dialect and creative language coaches
have the unusual task in
                          the Lord of the Rings of teaching the actors
the Tolkien's Elvish
                          language which has never been spoken before.
They train the actors
                          using phonetics, a one-hundred year-old
science of writing down
                          speech sounds similar to the alphabet we know.

                          The language coaches have also created various
accents for all of the
                          characters and began training and rehearsing
with the actors three
                          months before filming began. Both coaches are
on set standing by
                          listening for dialogue and dialect, and also
supervise any looping or
                          dialogue recording that takes place after
scenes are already shot.

Now I'm no tolkien expert but I do believe that there is a whole
community that speaks the elvish languages is there not, just like

It seems like the actors are the only ones who will ever have that
special privilege.  :)