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Re: elvish tidbit

From:Eruanno the Linguist ( AKA Teorondron ) <eruanno@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 6, 2001, 19:16
>I was at the Lord of the rings webstie and they had a little section on >the languages for the movie and they said this > > The dialect and creative language coaches >have the unusual task in > the Lord of the Rings of teaching the actors >the Tolkien's Elvish > language which has never been spoken before. >They train the actors > using phonetics, a one-hundred year-old >science of writing down > speech sounds similar to the alphabet we know. > > The language coaches have also created various >accents for all of the > characters and began training and rehearsing >with the actors three > months before filming began. Both coaches are >on set standing by > listening for dialogue and dialect, and also >supervise any looping or > dialogue recording that takes place after >scenes are already shot. > >Now I'm no tolkien expert but I do believe that there is a whole >community that speaks the elvish languages is there not, just like >Klingon. > >It seems like the actors are the only ones who will ever have that >special privilege. :)
Interesting you should mention this, for I am part of that community, although not all of us SPEAK it, we learn the language in writing. But I do not speak for all of the Elflingers, nor Tolklangers. _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at