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YHWH/Allah (Was: Re: Non-constructed religions)

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 10, 1998, 4:55
Nik Taylor wrote:
> Could it have been an archaic form, then? I'd read that Yahweh was some > sort of causative form. I know that Yahweh is pretty definite as the > proper pronunciation.
Reckon I don't know nothin' 'bout them fancy causative forms, but... :D I don't think that pronunciation is that "definite;" we have no way of knowing accurately what the vowels were. My source tells me Allah is probably from *al-Ilah (al- being the Arabic definite article), _ilah_ being probably borrowed from Hebrew _eloah_ (singular of _Elohim_, God), thus "the God."