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Re: Given Up on Roman Orthography

From:BP.Jonsson <bpj@...>
Date:Friday, January 15, 1999, 0:30
At 23:02 on 14.1.1999, Vladimir Vysotskii wrote:

> BPJ wrote: > >> In case anyone's interested, I've created a small Java applet which > >> displays a string in an outline font. > > > >Could the applet be changed to *draw* the character rather than using a > >font, defining each char as a low-resolution bitmap? That would overcome > >the difficulty with downloading fonts, different computers using different > >font formats, etc. > > Well... The outline fonts can be scaled, sheared, rotated, mirrored, > drawn in different colors, unlike the bitmap-based ones. Though the > bitmap fonts can be much prettier, of course, if hand-drawn carefully.
Especially for on-screen viewing, but since you say:
> Also, in case I wasn't very clear, my applet doesn't use any of the > existing outline file formats. Instead I've designed a simple text > font format, which is interpreted by the applet without any necessity > to download or install something. >
I can only say: *G*R*E*A*T*! You're a hero, Vladimir! I can see 1001 uses for it, let me know more! Will you make support for Cyrillic? If so don't forget the Ukrainian g ___/ | | I have a penchant for that character, if only because Stalin singled it out for destruction -- no, not really, but because it makes a useful distinction and makes the value of the Russian g agree with modern Greek, just as with B [v].
> Anyway, if anyone wants to use this sort of technology (either outline- > or bitmap-based) on their web pages, I'll be glad to help. Please visit > my sample page at to see > what I'm talking about. Of course, your browser has to support Java to > see the applets.
I've had problems with Java applets before, but I think this is necause they make the browser memory hungry.
> Regards, > Vladimir.
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