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Neat morpheme in my conlang, and a new word

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, May 23, 2002, 9:06
There is a suffix in Uatakassi, -kan, which has a number of interesting

The original meaning (from a perspective of the conlang itself) is
"child of", and is derived from the word _slikan_ (s- = gender 3 prefix)
"offspring".  This is used to make matrynomics, with the gender being
the same as the possessor.  For example, a woman named tiKiba would have
daughters with the matrynomic of tiKibakan and sons with the matrynomic
naKibakan.  With gender 3 plural, it can be used collectively,
sukKibakani "tiKiba's children"

Added to a gender 4 or 5 noun (the animal genders - 4 = animal
associated with people, 5 = animal not associated with people) it makes
a word meaning "young X", e.g., kimatasi "horse", kimatasikan "young
horse"; kivaziina "pig", kivaziinakan "piglet".

In gender 7 it means "product of", for example, uialana "flower",
pialanakan "pollen"; and the irregular derivation pitaklu "sand"
pitaklan "glass" (pitaklan < pitakluklan < pitaklukan)

The latest extension of it is with gender 6 (pseudo-animate) it can
refer to insitutions or beliefs created by a person.  Example: tIalana
(the name of the first empress) uialanakan "The institution of the
Empress; the Chalanan system" (to use an anglicized form).

Now, this latest extension has finally provided me a name of their
religion.  For a while, I've been referring to it simply as "the Faith"
or "The New Faith" when distinguishing it from the old pagan ways.  But,
I now have a name.  Uanlastakan, or Chinrastaism in an anglicized name;
derived from the founder tiNlasta (whose name simply means "prophet")
plus this suffix.

Also, when the prefix pati- (collective), which always takes gender 6,
is used along with the -kan suffix, a word is created to refer to a
family, specifically, those descended from a particular ancestor.  So,
the Imperial House in the First Empire could be referred to as

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