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Re: Montrei Map

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, April 6, 2001, 23:01
>Very nice! I notice that Los Angeles is not part of Montrei. I guess >that >makes me a resident of Alta California...
Well, i thought that the Santa Clara river was a nice natural border, though i'm not quite sure how big it really is.
> >Forgive the questions, but I haven't been following all of this Ill >Bethisad >stuff very closely: What is Alta California, and how did Montrei and Alta >California become independent from Mexico? (Or perhaps they were never >part >of Mexico, but discrete colonies which got their independence from Spain >separately?)
Well i'm not sure how Padraic has it set up for Alta California, but i do know that for a short time, Montreianos and Alta Californios has border skirmishes. Montreianos wanting their own country, and Alta California wanting to keep it. However, from what it seems (and i'm sure i'll be corrected if wrong), Tejas had also been squabbling with Alta California. A treaty (as yet unnamed) was signed between Alta California and Montrei that ended the border skirmishes, and allowed Alta California to focus on keeping Tejas from trying to grab land. So, the treaty was signed, Montrei was granted independence, and the fighting between the two ended. I'll put some links here so you can see some of the less obvious natural borders: - Cache Creek:a bit misleading, it is a river, and has some good whitewater runs. . Page shows some shots of part of it. - Clear Lake: the oldest lake in Montrei (it's a few million years old). The bed constantly drops, so it hasnt silted up and become a prairie. It also has geothermal springs in the lake bed. - American River - the eastern half of the north border, is similar to Cache Creek, but flows from the Sierra Nevadas: - Santa Clara River - a very wide river, and often dry during summer, this marks the southern boundary of Montrei. It's an effective natural border when flowing, because it's dangerous to cross. (not the best image, but the river bed can be seen in the left hand side of the picture)


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