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Re: My first conlang (sketch)

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Thursday, May 18, 2000, 1:20
Visible and proximate would be distinct in a number of contexts.

Some important things that are normally distant are also normally visible,
including the sun, stars, moon, clouds, mountains, the horizon.

Distant things seen on television could qualify as proximate images or views
of that which is distant, depending on the philosophy of the speaker.

Some important proximate things are normally invisible, like one's microbes,
one's own viscera, the dose of x-rays you got at the dentist, the cool
breeze you feel on your face, etc.


> > Gender: > > Inanimate: -ot- > > Male: -ap- > > Female: -ip- > > Neuter: -ep- > > > > Number: > > Singular: (none) > > Plural: -as- > > All in view (is there a better name for this?): -an- > > > > "visible"? Or maybe "proximate", because if you can see them all, they > should be near you. What is the use of this "number"?