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R: Re: New Language: Vaiysi

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Friday, March 17, 2000, 17:52
Yl-ruil (?) wrote:

> This is how I got started on Aredos (my pseudo-classical IE lang)- I read > Cadhinor and decided to have a crack at it. I am incredibly lazy, and hate > making up word-roots so I found myself stealing from Proto-Germanic, but > principally from PIE. Then I made it more regular and ended up with
> There are still a few Cadhinor borrowings in Aredos (hmm, off the top of
> head: moruthom 'carrot' and the shape of the Aredos letter M).
I find Rosenfelder's langs very good organized and presented (he told me he has created and well developped *14* of them!), and, expecially, fantasic!
> I reckon it looks like Greek or maybe Phrygian. What does hoiu mean, how
> you pronounce it, my guess is /hoju:/.
It is the locative form of 'their' (in them, between them(selves)). The pronounciation you've tried to recognize is right.
> Good luck!
Thank you! Luca Mangiat